Asiana aircraft hits, 'slices off' stabiliser of Turkish Airlines plane in Istanbul: Report

An Asiana plane bound for Incheon hit a stationary Turkish Airlines aircraft in Istanbul on Sunday (May 13), Korean media have reported.

The Asiana Airbus A330 was carrying 222 passengers when it hit the stationary Turkish Airlines A321 at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, “slicing off” the tip of the Turkish Airlines’ plane’s vertical stabiliser, the Korea Times reported.


The collision resulted in a fire on the Turkish Airlines plane, with firemen rushing to the scene, the news organisation said.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, it said, adding that Korean officials plan to send staff to Istanbul to investigate the incident.

“If the ministry finds the collision is Asiana’s fault, the airline will face an administrative measure,” the Korea Times reported a ministry official as saying.

Video posted on YouTube appeared to show the Asiana plane’s starboard wing crashing into the stationary Turkish Airline’s vertical stabiliser as it drives past, slicing the stabiliser off.



The Asiana plane then comes to a halt.

The flight to Incheon was cancelled, and passengers were offered hotel accommodation, the Korea Times reported.

Another plane from Incheon was sent to transport them to South Korea on Monday, it added.

“My sister Clare Chambers was on this Turkish Airlines plane in Istanbul yesterday, now tailless,” Facebook user Pete Young posted on Monday. 

“She’s okay but has a bad back. Looks like the plane wasn’t fully parked, yet ATC (air traffic control) let the Asiana plane pass behind it. Oops.”

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