Flexible Investing

  • We designed our Flexible Investment Fund (FlexInFund) as an aid to investment innovation.
  • We are dedicated to pioneering and forging our own path in order to grab any exciting opportunity.
In the current unpredictable financial landscape it’s important to be flexible and ready to invest at any given moment.
Some investment opportunities have short life spans which present themselves when you least expect them.
With FlexInFund, we stay poised to invest at any given time so we’re always ready to capitalize on unexpected opportunities.
FlexInFund enables us to profit from investment opportunities which are time-sensitive, or which have been assessed incorrectly.
It allows us to use leverage in order to take advantage of any opportunities which are overlooked by the less discerning investor.
This is your chance to be a part of an exciting fund designed to be flexible and capitalize on every opportunity.

Our FlexInFund:

Designed with inherent flexibility to capitalize on opportunistic investments

We make assessments of actual risk and not perceived market risk

Inter-departmental collaboration and comprehensive investment analysis

Ability to use leverage in order to seize upon time-sensitive opportunities

Capacity to invest in opportunities with asymmetric returns and downside protection

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