Malaysia's Pardons Board to meet on Tuesday to discuss Anwar Ibrahim's release

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s Pardons Board will meet at 11am Tuesday (May 15) to discuss incarcerated politician Anwar Ibrahim’s release. 

It is unclear how long the meeting would take but his daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar and lawyer R Sivarasa told Channel NewsAsia they expect he would receive a full pardon from the king of Malaysia.


There are no details where the meeting would take place. However, Sivarasa said the king, a representative of the Attorney-General’s Chambers and three other Pardons Board members would be present.

Anwar is currently receiving treatment at a facility in Cheras for a shoulder injury.

“I am confident based on the statement made by none other than the Prime Minister of Malaysia,” said Sivarasa. “His release will be immediate once they’ve made a decision.”



On Saturday, Malaysia’s new prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the king had indicated he was willing to fully pardon Anwar, who has been serving out a “politically motivated” sentence for a sodomy conviction since 2015.

Anwar needs a royal pardon in order to get around a five-year ban from politics for those convicted of crimes in Malaysia. Ruling coalition Pakatan Harapan had agreed that Anwar will eventually take over from Dr Mahathir as prime minister. 

The former prime minister, 92, may take up to two years before handing over the reins, however. He has told media he wants time to fix the problems he perceives are plaguing the nation, drawing on his previous experience helming Malaysia for 22 years. 

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