About Us

We are a financial firm born out of one man’s vision, where tradition and conventional thinking are replaced by cutting edge technology and innovation.
We embody the American pioneering spirit and we are driven by the culture of innovation which has made Silicon Valley into a global beacon of hope.
We are at the center of a global financial revolution which is sweeping through the financial industry and we are the future of financial consultancy.
Sean Stone worked for Silicon Valley’s SVB Securities for over 15 years, carving out a reputation as an innovative leader with an eye for the future.
He soon realized that many of its wealthy senior figures were keen to incorporate offshore in order to insulate themselves from California’s high tax rates.
He partnered with several low-key and progressive tech entrepreneurs who were not inhibited by traditional thinking and set up Investex.
We are a savvy and progressive firm specializing in offering the protection of offshore jurisdictions, and dedicated to finding new investment opportunities.
We embrace the new world of alternative investments, leaving no stone unturned, which makes us the perfect firm for the modern global investor.