Corporate Responsibility

We believe that responsible investing promotes long-term economic growth for our firm and our clients, as well as enriching the community around us.
We are the custodians of our clients’ wealth and we have a responsibility to provide investment solutions with a long-term perspective.
We have a responsibility to help our partner firms become financially strong businesses which will generate more opportunities for others.
We believe in helping to build strong and socially aware companies who share our values and the principles of corporate responsibility.
We believe that a successful business should always be trying to improve the lives of both employees and consumers, and the community around them.
We will always make regular charity contributions, but we do not believe in charity on its own as a long-term solution.
We believe in empowering individuals who show potential, innovation and enterprise, and helping them to realize their full potential.
We want to create a self-sustainable micro-economic model which has the potential to positively impact the lives of several generations.
We want to
For further information on how you can become part of our Corporate Responsibility Empowerment for Everybody Development program (CREED), please contact us for more details.
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